Seahawks Unveil Vintage 90’s Throwback Unis and They are Fire! [VIDEO]

In a series of videos and photo dumps on multiple social media platforms, the Seattle Seahawks finally gave the 12’s what we have been waiting for.
Quarterback Geno Smith appeared in one of the hype reels sporting the classic threads that Hawks fans who grew up in the Kingdome watching Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Cortez Kennedy et al, remember fondly.

In two different regular season games in the upcoming NFL season, Seattle will don their throwback outfits complete with the crisp silver helmet, the original totem-style Seahawk logo on the sleeves and the original shades of blue and green (no ‘nuclear cabbage’ colur rush green!)

Reaction around the sports world has been overwhelmingly positive with many stating that Seattle should simply go back to these beauties 100% of the time!

See for yourself and Go Hawks!